Lyndon "Ace" Webb and his Steinberger Synapse

  Our friend Lyndon "Ace" Webb (Big Mountain, Leon & the Peoples, Black Uhuru) sent us an email recently. Here's what Ace had to say:

First Bass Guitar I owned, I purchased from a friend in 1985. A headless 4 String with licensed tuner, bridge, and head pieces from Steinberger (all the signature parts). I did my tweaks and adjustments to personal satisfaction and felt quite comfortable with the lightweight feel and flexibility on stage due its smaller size. Since then I've played for a number of internationally known artists and groups using a variety of instruments, still thinking "I wish I had a real Steinberger". When I learned of Steinbergers re-emergence and the new Synapse version offered, I knew I had to get one as I've always wanted and just might finally feel what I already thought ... 'absolute and total satisfaction'. The instrument itself is just beautifully designed, and with it's smaller size I can be as active and mobile onstage (as I typically am), without causing injury to either myself or others around me. At first I was impressed with the fact of not having to make a single adjustment to gain my usual comfort level in playability. The active electronics are clean and did give the power and tone adjustability needed. Playing reggae, where the round, full, boom is a must, but can easily adjust the tone for funk or RnB as I need it. Then the added peizo pick-up created an interesting option in tone for the Jazz arena, as it does actually give that acoustic sound incredibly, and can be mixed in for interesting and creative tones. I have been totally satisfied with the performance of this Instrument since acquisition. Though I had to wait a bit to finally get a Steinberger,.... The Steinberger Synapse makes it well worth the wait. Thanks a Million.




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