Synapse Transcale Integrated Capo

1. Your Synapse TranScale guitar is equipped with a revolutionary integrated capo. By sliding the capo to various fret positions on the neck, you can create different scale or string lengths and tunings with ease.

2. In the "resting" position, the capo is positioned in the groove on the headpiece. In this position, the capo is not in use.

3. To change scale, grab the capo by its protruding sides and slide it up the neck to the desired position. As with all capos, it is important to position the capo as close to the fret wire as possible in order to create adequate downward string angle and pressure to avoid string buzz.


The downward pressure of your TranScale capo is preset at the factory and should not require additional adjustment. However, over time as the capo roller wears or if you change string gauges and instrument set-up, periodic adjust ment might be necessary. To adjust the down ward pressure of the capo, tighten or loosen the 2 Phillips head screws located on the back of the capo.

DO NOT OVER-TIGHTEN! Too tight and the capo will not move freely up and down the neck and could also lead to damage or excessive wear. Too loose will cause unwanted string buzz. Somewhere in-between is "just right".

Under normal use, your capo will last a long time. However, should your capo roller become significantly worn such that it adversely effects performance, replacement rollers are available from Steinberger.

As with any capo, aggressive bending of strings particularly at or near the capo'd fret may cause the string to slip out of position under the capo. This is normal and can not be eliminated completely. However, it should not occur under normal use. If it does, try tightening the capo adjustment screws slightly but again - DO NOT over tighten making the capo difficult to move up and down the neck.

The TranScale capo can be removed completely by sliding it off the end of the head piece. Complete replacement capos are also available should yours become lost or damaged.